Child of Dust Reviews

Debra Dunson posted on Goodreads, Amazon, Edgier Christian Facebook Fan Page:

November 12, 2016

Is it possible to give a book 10 stars?

I’m always impressed with a story that can deliver the gospel message in a subtle, but powerful way. I enjoyed reading Child of Dust. It was beautiful to see Bryan and Kim’s relationship develop over time. At times I was on the edge of my seat and found myself smiling at some of their conversations. I will admit that Kim had to grow on me because in the beginning she was really mean. Bryan, on the other hand, stole my heart when he told Kim “Wars in the flesh can never be won. My battles are fought on my knees.” I love that he was a praying man.

His words blew me away many times in this book like when he told Kim “At what? At whom? I’ve been angry for so long. Too many years. I grew tired of being angry. I gave all my anger to Jesus. I laid my pain down at His feet. I made peace with myself. The world may still war with me, but there’s no longer a war within me. Only peace.” Bryan’s words caused me to think and pray, they also encouraged me.

It was not only the words of the character Bryan that made this a unique story. The fact that this was not a typical love story gave it extra spice and flavor. Also, the hardship they had to endure made the story more realistic. This is one story that will captivate you with all the twists and turns. Make sure when getting ready to read Child of Dust that you don’t have anything else planned for the day, you won’t be able to put this book down. I could go on and on about this book. Highly and strongly recommend it. Is it possible to give a book 10 stars?


I would actually like to see the novel transcend into a movie
October 24, 2016
Shoba Sadler author of Child of Dust, has opened a whole new genre of Christian romance and mystery in this heart wrenching multi-cultural novel. The Dedication…In memory of Amerasians, the least remembered casualties of the Vietnam War, although fiction, sets the tone for an eye-opener of a past to present history life style of the results of a factual event.

When Kim is told of her of her rich parents death, her world as she knows it begins to crumble. She is used to being pampered and spoiled and now left with nothing, surprisingly turns to the Amerasian family chauffeur Bryan, while she figures out what to do next. Family ties are not always what they seem, and secrets never seem to come out in the open…or will they? As Kim tries to function in the strange new life Bryan introduces her to, a new feeling of compassion sparks in the reader for her. We feel the actual flavor and customs of this new place, and understand a different culture that maybe most of us are not familiar with.

Social classes are a strong point in this novel, one in which the characters are in constant struggle to overcome. Bryan with his amazingly physical features, reveals quite a few surprises, some tender, some harsh, and here is where we learn the meaning of the title of the book. Christian faith is the main thread running through this novel, keeping hope alive for the characters, even though they might not realize why things happen for any given circumstance.

This novel has a consistent rhythm, adding surprise after surprise, twisting our emotions at each new difficulty Kim faces. I couldn’t put this book down, waiting to see if any or all the ends would be tired up. I would actually like to see the novel transcend into a movie. An amazing read.